Tips & Tricks

Shuffle Button

If you're unable to make a move, click this button, located above Drago. Drago will then shake the game board and mix up the blocks giving you new opportunities for combos. Remember, you can only use this once.

Rainbow Blocks

These blocks changes color each time you remove blocks. These can be tricky but they can be very helpful if you know how to use them. Time them carefully!


Chopsticks can be used to remove a single block when you're in trouble. You can collect Chopsticks by clicking away the blocks surrounding them. The chopsticks will then be stored below the game board.

All Clear Bonus

Clear the board of all blocks for a bonus.

At the end of each level, there are two bonuses:

  1. Level Time Bonus - The quicker you clear a level, the more points you'll score.
  2. Level Gold Coins Bonus - You can collect gold coins only if a column is totally cleared of blocks.


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