The aim of the game is to clear as many bubbles as possible by matching at least 3 of one color. Shoot bubbles upwards or against the side of the wall and target the position with your mouse. Use the dotted line as helper for targeting.

Every time you play, a heart (life) is deducted from your lives balance. The hearts are automatically refilled, but if you want to play more often than the refill allows,you can gift lives to your friends who will in turn gift you a life, or buy extra lives.

Hint: If you manage to create larger clusters of same-colored bubbles, you will be rewarded with bonus points!Shooting away bubbles with icons, like the small sand glass or multiplier,  will add 3 seconds to your time or respectively multiply your points from that moment on! 
You can increase your overall game time to reach a much higher score.

After finishing your game, your high score will be saved until the end of the current weekly tournament. Your Bubble Speed friends are your competitors.

Try increasing your high score by selecting boosts.

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