Use boosts to increase your highscore! The cost of each boost is clearly displayed under each and is subtracted from your coin balance.

Bomb Boost

The Bomb boostwill destroy a bunch of nearby bubbles when successfully matched.

ColorJet Boost


The ColorJet boost, when matched, will ink a group of bubbles in a "V" pattern into whatever color the ColorJet boost is at that time.

Extra Time Boost

When matched, the Extra Time boost will add 2 extra seconds of time to your playing time.

Line Breaker Boost

The Line Breaker boost will destroy a complete row of bubbles.


Each destroyed Multiplier bubble will increase your score.

Cannonball Boost

The Cannonball is a free boost. To receive this boost, you must send a request to your friends. When it is received, using this boost is powerful. The Cannonball shoots straight through bubbles. But be careful - these boosts do not bounce off the sides of the wall!

Pirates Cannon

The Pirates Cannon is a powerful shooter that is randomly available for purchase before a round of Bubble Speed. It is 60% faster than the standard shooter and you will receive 10 extra seconds of time added to your game time.


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