Game Rules

Object of the Maya Pyramid

  • Mark a group of cards totaling eleven (11)
  • Start at the bottom of the pyramid and try to dismantle it as quickly as possible.
  • The more cards you can take away per move without making use of the help cards, the more series points you will earn.
  • Once you have removed all cards from the pyramid, you will go on to the next level.



Maya Pyramid is a variation of the "Pyramid" Solitaire game. This variation requires you to form card pyramids by marking groups of cards which add up to 11.


  • 52 cards and 1 Joker are placed on the board.
  • At the beginning of the game, 24-26 cards are placed face up on the board, lying on top of each other in a pyramid fashion.
  • Below the pyramid lies a series of cards: one set face down (Help Cards), another two cards which are face up (also Help Cards) and a Joker.




How to Play

  • To remove a group of cards from the pyramid, you need to form groups totaling 11.
  • You can only remove cards which are "free" i.e. they are not covered by other cards. You can recognize a card which is free when it is "lit up".
  • If you can no longer form a group totaling 11 from the cards in the pyramid, make use of the two help cards below them. Click on the other help cards (face down) to free up new help cards. Keep revealing these cards until you find a suitable card to make your group of 11.
  • Once you have managed to completely dismantle the pyramid, a new level - with a new set of cards - will automatically start.
  • If you run out of time, or you don't manage to dismantle the pyramid completely, then the game is over.



  • The Joker allows you to remove any free card from the pyramid, thus getting you neatly out of tricky situations!
  • Be careful: you can only use the Joker once per level. Use it with care!
  • The Joker can also be used to play as long a series as possible: playing your Joker does not mean you break your series!
  • If you manage to complete a level without using the Joker, you will receive 500 bonus points.



It is very easy to move the cards in this game.

  • Select any card by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Once you have managed to make a group totaling 11, these cards will automatically disappear.
  • In order to search through the face down help cards, simply click on the card on the top of the pile; this will then reveal the next available card(s) from which you can choose from.
  • Careful: you can reveal each of the cards in the pile only once! You cannot use the cards again once they have been revealed.
  • If you want to quit the game early, simply click on the 'X' in the top right corner of the game board.


Ruby Card


The ruby colored card quadruples (x4) the value of the removed group. You should try to use the Ruby Card at the end of a long series.

Bonus Level

If you manage to complete all four levels, you will gain access to the secret treasure trove where you will find a series of coins with numbers.
Your task is to mark as many coins as possible totalling 11. You'll receive 200 points for each completed group.

Tips & Strategy

Think carefully before removing a card from the pyramid.

  • The more cards you can manage to remove in one series, the more points you'll receive.
  • Speed is less important in this game - the best and most skillful route through the pyramid earns you the most points.
  • The Joker could be the key to your success. The Joker does not interrupt your series, but extends the length of your series, bringing more series points.
  • The Ruby Card is a key aspect of your strategy. Since it quadruples the value of a set totalling 11, ideally it should be played at the end of a long series
  • Consider saving the Joker until the end of a level; it can earn you bonus points (if not used) but it could come in handy should you not have any available moves.


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